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Cognitive Behavioral Techniques   Compassionate Inquiry   Trauma Wisdom   Shamanic Teachings

You are on an inner journey to discover who you are and where you want to go with your life. I'm here to support you in unraveling harmful behavioral patterns, unhealthy relationships, and beliefs that are holding you back, as well as develop empowering habits that will allow you to flourish.


My mission as a psychedelic guide is to support you through getting to the root of and healing past traumas, developing a deeper relationship with yourself, and helping you re-discover your innate wisdom and power to heal. This re-connection to self liberates you to become unapologetically yourself, develop healthy habits and patterns that empower you, and build trust in your own ability to overcome any challenge you may face.

I’ve had the honor to learn from wise healers around the world. Including six months with a shaman in northern Africa, studying Bwiti tradition and trauma wisdom. I’ve completed my compassionate inquiry training with Gabor Mate, and I’m trained in cognitive behavioral techniques, and yoga, and have completed herbal studies and living holistic programs.

Through these teachings and the challenges I’ve faced in my own life, I’ve learned how to effectively guide people just like you through their own journey of healing and self-discovery. 

Healing is possible. 

I work with people one-on-one who want to:



  • Break destructive patterns and habits

  • Free themselves from traumas known or unknown

  • Declutter their life to create space for what they truly want

  • Get back in touch with who they are after a traumatic experience

  • Discover their unique life purpose

  • Accept all parts of who they are and forgive past mistakes

  • Develop a deeper relationship with themselves and others


We achieve this by digging deep and being completely honest in a non-judgemental and compassionate space. I’ve spent nearly a decade training in a wide range of healing modalities to best support you through healing and building a stronger relationship with yourself.


All of this is possible through Compassionate Inquiry, psychedelic experience, guidance, and integration. 


And I’m here to help you

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Discover The Root


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