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Iboga Retreats

Discover the Root creates a safe, judgment-free space for iboga retreats. We cultivate a supportive environment that promotes healing and growth for each individual.


Oral shamanic Bwiti traditions, teachings, and tools that have circulated for centuries are passed on to you. These teachings will serve you in your everyday life. This traditional knowledge will grant you the ability to choose a happy life.


Retreat Information

We hold small, intimate iboga retreats with a maximum of 10 guests. This gives us the ability to support each person in their journey.


You are your own healer. We're simply here to facilitate so you feel comfortable going into the depths of your healing process. Iboga medicine is a profound teacher and we are committed to assisting each guest along their unique journey to their full potential.

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Iboga Ceremony

We’ve traveled to Gabon, Africa to study these sacred iboga teachings. We've learned to guide these ceremonies in alignment with the Bwiti traditions and spirit.


Our teacher was Gabon-native and 10th generation Bwiti shaman. The Bwiti tradition was passed on to him from his ancestors and the Mobongo people.


There are two ceremonies in our week-long retreat. There is no order to these ceremonies as each person is unique and will have their own experience:


Our Healing Ceremony offers you a night of physical and mental healing and detox. On this night, you’re clearing a path to align with your soul. Iboga is a truth-seeker, here to support you in freeing yourself and provide clarity. It does this by detoxing your body and healing your third eye to allow awakening.


The Psycho-Spiritual Ceremony is where you are guided to meet your soul. You can ask questions about your life’s purpose, meet Ms. Moon, or chat with loved ones who have passed. Here you can truly dive into the truth of who you are or want to be.

What's included


7-Day Iboga Retreat Schedule

"The greatest journey is the journey within."


Welcome Day and Orientation

We get to meet our new friends who have arrived to embark on this sacred journey with us. We enjoy dinner together and gather for our first group discussion.

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


Personal Counseling and Ceremony

We discuss with you privately, one-on-one, your healing needs and intentions. You then write out the questions you would like answered by the medicine. We then begin the iboga ceremony. 


Reflection Day and Self-Discovery 

This is a day of rest, with time to reflect on your journey. You may receive insights from the medicine and clear blockages. As the medicine assists you in your inner perspective work, you will want to stay still and silent. Observing without any distractions is most beneficial. We are always nearby to see to your needs of comfort and help you process anything that arises.

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Activity Day and Spiritual Shower

We will take a field trip together to support overall well-being. Each guest will receive a traditional spiritual shower. We play together in the water, cleanse your spirit and make a wish to the mermaid using traditional techniques passed down for centuries.


Personal Counseling and Ceremony  

Aligning you with you. You’ll have the opportunity, if you choose, to dive deeper into your self-discovery and healing. We’ll chat with you privately about new intentions or any other healing needs that may have arisen.

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Image by Nurhadi Cahyono


Reflection Day and Self-Discovery

This is a day of rest with time to reflect on your journey. Let your experience sink in and stay with you as you prepare to integrate new teachings into your life.


Breakfast, Integration and Departure

Integration is the most exciting part of all! You’ve now had the chance to discover your unhealthy patterns. You’ve heard the teachings, and possibly developed a new outlook on what life really is – a gift to be thankful for every day. 

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Are you ready to Discover the Root?

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