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Compassionate Inquiry


One-on-one online sessions (60 Minutes)

$125 per hour


We all want to have a deep, satisfying relationship with ourselves. To trust in our inner wisdom and feel in control of our lives. To break free from destructive patterns that stop us from getting what we truly want out of life. 


But often, many of us unknowingly adopt beliefs that hold us back. We tell ourselves unconscious stories based on past experiences to protect ourselves. But these stories prevent us from accepting ourselves and growing. So we remain stuck in a cycle. 


In these sessions, we will uncover these beliefs and stories by identifying the event that started it. We will unravel these events together with compassion and self-kindness so you can gain awareness of your protective responses to them. 


Through restorative conversations, you will learn to challenge these responses by being the safe connection to your younger self that was absent when the event occurred. So you can accept yourself unconditionally, embody your authentic self, and confidently go after your dreams. 


If you’re ready to break the cycle and embody your authentic self, click on the link below to book your first session.


Discover The Root


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