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Everything that I was holding onto during the trip, I was able to release.  It was like I shed 30 years of emotional baggage in 15 minutes and it was life-changing and all about unconditional love.  Never been more grateful and at this moment I never want to use drugs again. Peace



"Love life and it will love you back" -Moughenda



Iboga helped my procrastination.  It's hard to explain but it made me more  determined to accomplish goals, and vices like procrastination stopped making excuses

Thank you Iboga. Every day I live to honor what I’ve learned, and continue to heal. I hope my life is a reflection of my respect for your spirit, and that I leave a positive imprint on everyone I meet, everything I touch, and everywhere I go. My gratitude to you always. Thank you for my life 





Iboga totally blew my mind, or introduced me to the powers of my mind for the first time. I guess those are roughly the same 

Iboga is like the crazy enlightened uncle who makes everyone in the house feel really awkward when he visits because he points out all the stupid useless things that we waste precious life force energy on but in the end everyone feels great because they stopped doing those things





Today is the first anniversary of my rebirth. A year ago to the day, I entrusted my destiny in the hands of Iboga in order to heal my soul and my body. It was ten times beyond my expectations, in one night I was freed from dangerous addictions and multiple fears that gnawed at me from within.


Beyond the mechanical actions of my body, I concretely touched the divine that night.  All of these things which are far above man and which either frighten us to the highest point or fascinate us.  Modern society is clearly not made to develop human beings to their full potential, forget about material possession, money and power, they will only eat away at you and you will only be a shadow of yourself. 


Do not be afraid to worship creation.  It is our role.  Long live Iboga. A huge thank you to Bwiti for this teaching.    





Iboga fixed my binge eating and sugar addiction.  3 years now and no return of binging (still get some triggers but so minuscule compared to before), and can only stand a small amount of sugar or mildly sweet



My first experience with the medicine, the spirit presented itself to me as a tree, and then as a woman.  My second experience presented itself to me as a baby, and then as a woman.  I think the idea that Iboga is a "stern male" or grandfather spirit is only some peoples experience.  For me, Iboga is a woman.


Iboga is very much in the mind.  In the head.  And it is deeply personal.  If working through PTSD is your goal, Iboga was incredibly effective for me. 





Iboga - Life time experience, life time change, life time lessons.  It is very hard for me to explain what happens during that unbelievable journey, as you have to experience it yourself to understand.  But if I would have to choose one word to explain it, then that would be a change.  A good change.  The one that you are willing to truly work for. The one that reveals the truth - good, bad and ugly. The one that shows you the ways for reaching it and that is waiting for you whenever you are ready for it. 


I will never forget how safe I felt during the ceremony, no matter how scared I went into it, not knowing what is there waiting for me.  And what was there for me was peace, calmness and learning of letting go.  


Iboga is a great teacher.  I sought out Iboga for a new life experience, to become a better person.  As a plant teacher, the attainable realms of information are vast.  The medicine provided a direct connection to the ancestor and worlds of information became accessible to me during my experience.  Information from my inner self and also outside of me.  My Iboga experience translated and applied to me, led to true knowledge and a further understanding of myself.  The application of the lessons I learnt while on Iboga, provided me with a new platform to set a new life in motion, which continues today. 




When I found iboga, I was dealing with depression, anxiety, and a daily drinking habit.  I was at the point in my life where I was tired of suffering on a daily basis, and drastically needed to make a change.  I stumbled across a few videos on YouTube about iboga and knew right away that this was something I needed to try…I received the calling.

After accepting the calling and working with iboga, I was truly given my life back in a way I could have never imagined possible.  Iboga helped me heal the root of my emotional traumas and showed me how these traumas were leading to self-sabotaging coping behaviors in my life.  I have stayed sober since and feel like I have been reborn.  Iboga helped reconnect me back with my soul and with the Truth.  As time passes, my life gets better and better as things that no longer serve me keep falling away.   


If iboga is calling you, I highly recommend working with Tisha.  Tisha is an amazing provider/healer and creates a safe space for introspection and healing.  Tisha and her team will support you the entire time to help you with your journey.  

Iboga, for me, was a very empowering experience. It cleared out my negative internal chatter and opened a lot of space in my mind, so that a mind that had once felt cramped and busy now feels — in moments — like a vast and empty cathedral. It's a clear, meditative kind of a state. And it's great. A lot of the communications from iboga have felt like a male coach giving me supportive feedback, and I've appreciated that as well. Also, from a physical point of view, my brain always feels really clean afterward, as if it has been scrubbed. It's a great feeling.



Are you ready to Discover the Root?

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