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The Life-Changing Benefits of the Iboga Plant: Can it Heal You Too?

You’ve heard a lot about plant medicine lately. Particularly about Iboga. You know you need a little healing in your life.

Ok, a lot.

So, you wonder…

You’ve tried many other methods of healing. But nothing seems to really work.

You’ve heard stories of people having life-changing experiences where their lives are completely transformed.

You want that too.

So, you’re curious.

Could plant medicine be right for you too?

What is the Iboga Plant?

Iboga is a shrub found in the rainforests in West Africa. Iboga comes from the roots of the shrub and contains many healing medicinal compounds — including tabernanthe.

The Iboga plant was discovered by the Mobongo people – or more commonly known as the Pygmy. The Pygmy practice a tradition called Bwiti, which means “the study of life”. They have protected, harvested, and ingested iboga for thousands of years and use Iboga during sacred Bwiti ceremonies for personal and spiritual discovery.

The magic and psycho-spiritual properties of this plant are found in the root bark. Its medicinal compounds — or alkaloids — are found mostly in the inner layer of this bark, which is peeled away from the root and ground into a powder form for ingestion.

Why We Use Iboga

Iboga — particularly the tabernanthe alkaloid— is a master healer and teacher. The plant is deeply connected to the spirit and is used to promote physical and psychological healing and spiritual discovery.

It’s believed that consuming the full spirit of the plant, or the entire spectrum of alkaloids — the way nature intended, is the only way to fully heal and expand spirituality. Because when only one or few alkaloids are extracted, the harmony and spirit of the iboga plant are compromised — its powerful message in danger of being distorted or lost.

Taking Iboga can induce hallucinations and a dream-like state of consciousness. One may experience lucid visions, uncover repressed memories, gain insights into the nature of existence, and discover profound truths.

Iboga helps awaken your true self and guides you to re-discover your innate inner wisdom. This is where you may identify the source of your pain, trauma, addictions, limiting beliefs, and destructive patterns so that you can accept them and release them for deep and true healing.

The Benefits of Iboga: How the Iboga Plant Can Change Your Life

From various dialects, the word Iboga has been translated as “to care for” or “to heal”.

And heal it does.

Iboga is an intelligent and powerful plant medicine that understands the specific needs of each individual taking it and directs healing to where it’s needed most.

Iboga can help facilitate:

  • Personal growth

  • Physical healing

  • Connection with your soul

  • Healing of trauma

  • Aligning with your true purpose

  • Becoming your highest self

  • Freedom from inhibition and fear

  • Connection with ancestors

  • Navigation into inner and outer realms

  • Enhancement of wellness, mental vitality, and spiritual growth

Iboga is also building a reputation for being a breakthrough treatment for a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, substance abuse issues, and PTSD. Iboga interacts with the reward system in the brain and promotes neuroplasticity — the potential for the brain to adapt or change. It’s believed that this reduces the cravings for substances and encourages new behaviors. This makes Iboga a wonderful tool for healing and modifying behaviors when it’s used with the appropriate guides, preparation, expectations, and integration.

Over and over again I’ve seen this sacred plant medicine create lasting healing when other modalities have failed. Iboga affects every level of your existence from the spiritual to the physical, allowing you a holistic healing experience so you begin the life you’ve always dreamt of.

However, iboga can be difficult for some people to process. Especially for those with a heart or liver condition. This is why it’s so important when filling out your intake form, you do it as honestly as possible before attending an iboga retreat.

If you’re interested in taking this powerful journey into plant medicine to see what it can do for you,


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